The Chicago Pneumatic CPVS variable speed compressor series allows you to drastically reduce your operating costs when you compressed air system is not working at full capacity all day long. Basically the inverter reduces the motor speed to match your air consumption, and as result, you save energy and money.

The CPVS is great as a stand-alone machine or networked to a load-unload Chicago Pneumatic compressor where it can function as a master and regulate the air delivery for the whole site.

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CPVS 100/10

CPVS 100/8

CPVS 120/10

CPVS 120/8

CPVS 20/10

CPVS 20/8

CPVS 25/10

CPVS 25/8

CPVS 30/10

CPVS 30/8

CPVS 40/10

CPVS 40/8

CPVS 50/10

CPVS 50/8

CPVS 60/10

CPVS 60/8

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