IRC5 single cabinet controller and drive module

Highlight :

  • Designed for high IP protection and full expandability
  • Provides a protected environment for axillary equipment in the robot system
  • Capable of control of up to four robots in a MultiMove® setup. Just add a compact drive module to each additional robot
  • MultiMove® opens up previously unthinkable operations, thanks to the perfect coordination of complex motion patterns

Fast and accurate :
The IRC5 gives our robots the ability to perform their tasks in a highly efficient manner. Based on advanced dynamic modelling, the IRC5 automatically optimizes the performance of the robot by reducing cycle times (QuickMove®) and providing precise path accuracy (TrueMove®). Thanks to ABB’s IRC5 technology, a robot’s motion is predictable and its performance high, with no tuning required by the programmer. What you program is what you get.

Other features :

  • Safe – It fulfills all relevant regulations and is certified by third party inspectors world wide
  • Compatible – It supports the majority of all state-of-the-art industrial networks for I/O.
  • Programmable – All ABB robot systems are programmed with RAPID™, ABB’s flexible, high-level programming language.
  • Reliable –  Built-in diagnostic functions help ensure fast recovery and production restarts when operations are interrupted on the factory floor.
IRC5 Industrial Robot Controller, data sheet, PDF Click Here
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